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3 Easy Ways for Removing Blueberry Stains from Carpet

blueberries stains
Written by Paul

There’s nothing worse than discovering that your brand-new carpets have a fresh stain on them, regardless of whether or not the stain came from playful kids not realizing what they had done, pets just being pets, or because someone knocked over a wine glass in the middle of a party.

Unless, of course, you’re talking about blueberries getting dropped onto a carpet and then really mushed into the fabric! That’s almost impossible to fix…right?

Thankfully though, it’s easier than ever before to pull up stains from virtually any carpet imaginable – especially when you act fast, act decisively come and take advantage of the right products to get the job done in an instant.

Take advantage of all the inside information that we make available in this quick guide, and you will be able to remove carpet stains with no difficulty whatsoever. If the stains have set up for a little while – or if the stain is being particularly stubborn – try out our steam cleaner guide to give you the extra power you need to pull out stains that just won’t go away with any other approach.

#1. Use hot water on a carpet stain immediately

The very first thing you are going to want to do when you’re looking to get rid of a stain is to immediately cease the stain creating material from spreading and wreaking havoc while breaking it down to make it easier to remove at the same time.

Get your hands on a clean cloth, paper towel, or rag and at least a cup or two of the hottest water you can get your hands on right away. Hot tap water is usually more than enough to get the job done, though if you have an instant single cup coffee maker, you might want to get hot water directly from that as well.

Use the hot water on the rag to pull up as much of the stain as you can, using the cloth or the paper towel to do the heavy lifting for you. Do not soak the carpet and don’t go overboard, and certainly don’t rub or swish the stain material around so that it works deeper and deeper into the carpet or spreads to other areas.

#2. Use ammonia to pull up particularly challenging stains from carpets

Ammonia is a powerful carpet cleaning material that isn’t going to destroy or discolor your carpets the way that bleach might, though it is important that you NEVER mix ammonia with any other cleaning product whatsoever when you are getting set to use it.

And ammonia and bleach combination, for example, creates an instantly poisonous gas that will kill you, your family, and your pets or loved ones faster than you ever thought possible. Instead, mix about a tablespoon of ammonia to every half cup of warm water and then dab at the carpet stains.

Allow the ammonia to sit on the carpet for maybe two or three minutes at most before you use a fresh rag or paper towel to pull the stain away.

#3. Vinegar works wonders as well

You never want to use raw vinegar as a cleaning agent (the same way you don’t want to use raw ammonia). But when mixed with a 1 to 3 ratio of water you will be able to use its cleaning properties to pull up almost any stain in carpet without ever doing damage to the carpet itself.

White vinegar should be used, and you’ll never want to use apple cider vinegar as a cleaning agent is because the sugars inside that vinegar can cause stains themselves. You want to use a cleaning agent after you use sugar to remove stains just to get rid of the vinegar smell that is inevitably left behind.

Hopefully, now you have a better idea of liquids you can use to pull up pretty much any stain imaginable. As we highlighted above, if you are still having a little bit of a tough time getting the job done you want to download our steam cleaner guide so that your carpets are always perfectly clean, clear of stains, and in the best possible condition imaginable.

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