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How to Clean a New Construction Home – Builders Make a Lot of Mess!

Written by Paul

Since people have been working in your home in order to build it to your exact specifications, you’re probably going to find that it needs some thorough cleaning before it’s move-in ready! Today, we’d like to help you get the job done right, by offering you some practical tips on how to clean a new construction home.

Construction brings its fair share of sawdust, dirt, and debris. Our first tip is to steam clean the carpeting. It’s the best way to get it fresh and perfect. It’s not good to let dirt and stains settle into a carpet, especially when it’s so new. When you choose to steam-clean, you’ll be able to restore the beauty of your new carpets and protect your carpet investment.

With steam cleaning, hot water is sprayed onto rugs at the same time that it’s vacuumed up. The spraying and vacuuming processes (solvent is sometimes added to hot water) suck up so much dirt and grime. In our opinion, it’s the most effective way to clean carpeting in a new construction home.

While we think that you should steam clean last, after you’ve tidied up walls, ceilings, fixtures and surfaces (these may be wiped down with any safe cleanser and then buffed with a clean, dry cloth), we also believe that it’s the most important step to a pleasant and beautiful new home.

After your steam-cleaned carpets are dry, you’ll be able to enjoy your new home to the fullest.

It’s possible to hire people to steam clean carpets. However, it’s probably a lot more economical to do the job yourself. To help out, we’ve created a free steam cleaning guide which you may download instantly. It’ll walk you through the whole process, so that you can get pro results in no time flat, without a single “newbie” mistake.

#1. Create a Cleaning Plan Today

We think that making a checklist of cleaning tasks will be smart. Start from the top down. Clean ceilings and walls, then move onto surfaces, fixtures, and non-carpeted flooring. Once you’ve completed those checklist tasks, do your steam cleaning. This way, any dirt or debris that falls down during the first tasks won’t stain your carpeting.

#2. Gather Materials Before You Start

In addition to making a checklist, you’ll benefit from gathering materials before you start. Think about what you’ll need, from cleansers for different surfaces to chamois for drying and buffing to mops and dustpans. Make a list, shop for deals on needed materials online (if you don’t have them already) and use our free steam cleaning guide to gather materials for the last step of your new construction home cleaning job.

Once you have a list of tasks, plus all materials, you’ll be super-organized and ready to move forward.

Also, think about asking for help. It’s a safe bet that your family and friends will be happy to assist you. In general, you may expect to spend a weekend doing this type of cleaning. However, it really depends on just how large a new home is. Some people don’t need to do as much as others. Also, the degree to which construction workers mess up a home varies from residence to residence.

#3. Plan Your Cleaning Date Today

Now that you know how to clean a new construction home, why not get the process started today? As long as you don’t forget steam cleaning, you’ll cover all of the bases and you’ll love that way that your new home looks afterward!

Steam cleaning will be the perfect finishing touch. After this, you’ll be ready to move in your things and start enjoying your home.

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